Ubisoft Watch Dogs game PR stunt ends up with bomb squad being called in- Awkward!

(image courtesy of Ninemsn employees were evacuated from the Australia Square building in Sydney in May when journalist opened a suspicious package. A safe was accompanied by a note which said “check your voicemail” amid a raft of blacked-out lines. As the package couldn’t be opened and was said to be making a strange noise, Ninemsn immediately called in… Read more →

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1,000 cyclists stage a “die-in” protest on London streets

      More than 1,000 cyclists staged a ‘die-in” protest, organised in part by cycle activist group Critical Mass across a London road in protest at dangerous traffic conditions, last Friday. Leon Daniels, managing director of TfL Surface Transport, said one of the protesters’ key demands – segregated cycle routes – were to be introduced in the next 10 years.… Read more →

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Louis Vuitton to remove giant suitcase in Moscow

A giant Louis Vuitton trunk has been erected as an “exhibition pavilion”, adorned with the French fashion house’s famed logo and is causing a storm in Moscow’s Red Square. The 30ft-high by 100ft-long suitcase was designed to house an exhibit about travellers who had used the brand’s luggage in the past, the proceeds from which were to go to the Naked Hearts children’s… Read more →

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Make A Wish: BatKid Saves City

Five year old Miles is battling leukaemia. He is a bright, positive, little boy who finds inspiration in super-heroes. When Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area (America),  interviewed Miles for a wish, he surprised even his parents: Miles wanted to be Batkid! On Friday 15 November, Miles got his wish! The day began with a breaking news story. San Francisco’s Police Chief… Read more →

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U.S. Open debut giant social media wall

The U.S. Open kicks off today,  26th August 2013,  with plenty of on-site entertainment for tennis-goers. To add to the long list of attractions, The Open will also feature a giant social media wall measuring 50 feet wide and 8 feet tall. “US Open Social Wall”, a new fan enhancement for the 2013 US Open, showcases fans’ passion for the… Read more →


Free Coffee for Kisses?

Metro St. James, a French style cafe in Sydney, is running a unique and romantic promotion this month. Between the hours of 9 and 11am, the cafe is letting customers pay their bill by giving each other a kiss! This is a great little PR stunt from a small local café to get the locals talking. Let’s face it who doesn’t… Read more →