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Coca Cola remove Gay marriage scene from Irish ad

Coca Cola have caused controversy by slightly tailoring their latest ad campaign ‘Reasons to Believe to each country in which it is shown. Why does this cause controversy? Well, in their Irish ad, Coca-Cola have omitted a scene of gay marriage which is airing in many other countries, saying that since gay marriage is not yet legal in Ireland, the… Read more →

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Submarine breaks surface of Milan Street in Stunt

As part of a clever advertising campaign for European insurance companies Europ Assistance IT and Genertel, ad agency M&C Saatchi Milano installed a full-size submarine in the ground in the center of Milan. There was even a live performance to go along with it to help convince bystanders that a submarine had actually crashed through the street, complete with emergency… Read more →

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West Midlands Police use Lego to warn against burglary at Christmas

West Midlands Police certainly got creative when they created this video to warn citizens of the danger of burglary at Christmas. With 31,793 views at the time of posting this blog post, using lego is obviously working. A spokesman for West Midlands Police said: “It may be a tradition for many families to wrap up their presents early and put… Read more →

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#XMASJAMMIES: Family create viral Christmas Card to promote production company

WNCN news anchor Penn Holderness and his family in Raleigh, North Carolina, U.S., recently released a Christmas video, which has since gone viral, of their family dancing in “Xmas Jammies” with red and green stripes, complete with its own hashtag, #XMASJAMMIES. Shot music video-style to Will Smith’s uber-catchy “Miami” and features Dad, Mom, and kids Lola and Penn Jr. rapping in… Read more →

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WesJet prove Santa does exist with their Christmas Stunt

  WesJet have proved Santa does exist, providing their passengers with a little Christmas magic and of course a couple of Christmas miracles. WesJet had passengers Skype Santa at Toronto Pearson International airport before boarding their flight. When passengers landed at John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport in Ontario, a surprise was waiting for them at the baggage claim carousel. Santa… Read more →

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Rude customers to pay more for coffee in French cafe

The Petite Syrah café in Nice, on the French Riviera, is charging customers €7 for ‘a coffee’, but a more affordable €4.25 for a ‘a coffee please’ and a much more affordable €1.40 for those who greet the server. The charges are all outlined to customers on a board behind the counter. Manager Fabrice Pepino says: “It started as a joke because… Read more →

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Louis Vuitton to remove giant suitcase in Moscow

A giant Louis Vuitton trunk has been erected as an “exhibition pavilion”, adorned with the French fashion house’s famed logo and is causing a storm in Moscow’s Red Square. The 30ft-high by 100ft-long suitcase was designed to house an exhibit about travellers who had used the brand’s luggage in the past, the proceeds from which were to go to the Naked Hearts children’s… Read more →

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Social Media 101: Kmart make rookie Twitter mistake

Kmart was obviously excited to reveal they would be opening even earlier than they have ever opened before on Thanksgiving and not only that, but would stay open through all of Black Friday. Their announcement received quite the backlash online with many customers complaining about the ethics of the decision. Rule 101 of social media – At least try and… Read more →

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British Airways install interactive billboards

Have you ever seen a plane and wondered where it was flying to? British Airways are aiming to bring back the magic to flying with interactive billboards. The digital screens installed by the airline, in Piccadilly Circus and Chiswick in London, show a child standing up and pointing to the aircraft as it travels above the sign, and then displays the… Read more →

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Volvo: The Epic Split Stunt

In Volvo Trucks’ latest live test film ‘The Epic Split’, Hollywood action star Jean-Claude Van Damme performs one of his world-famous splits between two Volvo FM trucks as they are driven in reverse. However, the incredible stunt – a world first – was only made possible by Volvo Dynamic Steering.   Cool stunt and Volvo were definitely onto a winner… Read more →