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Male CEO of Lingerie Company Kewi to Get Breast Implants to Test His Invention

WOW. What a PR stunt! The male CEO of a brand new lingerie company that is making waves for its revolutionary and high-tech take on bras for larger breasts has announced that he will get breast implants in order to test his invention. Kewi Bra founder Muyiwa Olumide firmly believes that any inventor should live and breathe his own product… Read more →

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Submarine breaks surface of Milan Street in Stunt

As part of a clever advertising campaign for European insurance companies Europ Assistance IT and Genertel, ad agency M&C Saatchi Milano installed a full-size submarine in the ground in the center of Milan. There was even a live performance to go along with it to help convince bystanders that a submarine had actually crashed through the street, complete with emergency… Read more →

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British Airways install interactive billboards

Have you ever seen a plane and wondered where it was flying to? British Airways are aiming to bring back the magic to flying with interactive billboards. The digital screens installed by the airline, in Piccadilly Circus and Chiswick in London, show a child standing up and pointing to the aircraft as it travels above the sign, and then displays the… Read more →

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U.S. Open debut giant social media wall

The U.S. Open kicks off today,  26th August 2013,  with plenty of on-site entertainment for tennis-goers. To add to the long list of attractions, The Open will also feature a giant social media wall measuring 50 feet wide and 8 feet tall. “US Open Social Wall”, a new fan enhancement for the 2013 US Open, showcases fans’ passion for the… Read more →

Carlsberg: Putting friendships to the test

  A phone call in the middle of the night: your best friend is in trouble. Would you go out and help him? Carlsberg tests some friendships. Carlsberg hired super creative Duval Guillaume Modem — the Belgian agency famed for TNT’s “Push to Add Drama” ad — to create this new ad, which puts a group of best friends to the test… Read more →

Aloft Hotels: Ask PR Agencies to pitch through Twitter

  Starwood Hotels’ Aloft chain has opened up what it’s calling an “RFTweet” campaign over the social network, inviting agencies to pitch its business using 140 characters or less. The first question posed reads, “Q1: Many PR agencies can create buzz — how does YOUR agency stand out from all the noise?” That’s the first in a line of questions that Aloft’s… Read more →

Vodka Rocks: 0% Alcohol Vodka

  As part of creating a buzz around their latest feature film, Vodka Rocks!, independent, innovative film company Skuflix, decided to challenge New Yorkers and test their views on marketing and consumerism. Vodka Rocks! is a satirical comedy about the hold of consumerism and branding on the American psyche.   They decided to try their own experiment in marketing and branding… Read more →