The Pink Squad: One VERY clever PR campaign!

This PR campaign video below is a MUST WATCH for any PR pros out there. To create such a buzz with the public and media is no easy thing to do especially when the product is about as interesting as dog food. Let’s face it, we’ve all worked on brands which get the creative juices flowing and it certainly looks… Read more →

Ultimat Vodka take drinking to new heights

Incredibly clever stunt from Ultimat Vodka and ad agency Amalgamated. How best to target overworked professionals? Go to the very place they “live”- the office. In a stunt which I can only describe as similar to a scene in Love Actually, Ultimat hired a well dressed window washer to scale the windows of high rise buildings holding up a series… Read more →

Batchelors Peas: Wanna Spoon?

Batchelors have launched a new ad campaign in the last week featuring three Irish farmers. The three young farmers from Wexford, Limerick and Kildare represent Batchelors’ three pea varieties – mushy, marrowfat and traditional. The four-week campaign, developed by Atomic, asks the women of Ireland to vote for their favourite. According to Batchelors, the campaign, which features the strapline “Nothing… Read more →

Stüssy: Strip for more ‘likes’

Advertisers for Stüssy Amsterdam have taken Facebook viral marketing to new levels by featuring a model who will strip for ‘likes’. The clever campaign will display the entire Spring Summer 2012 collection. As Facebook ‘likes’ increase, the model will shed a new item from the collection. The campaign has gained quite a bit of coverage to date with many deeming… Read more →

Samsung: Peter the Elephant plays with Galaxy Note

Samsung has released a video of a loveable elephant called Peter playing with a Galaxy Note phone; which was launched last year. The stunt is supposed to emphasize that ‘bigger is better’. In the video, Peter is seen playing with a number of apps, and even takes a photograph of what we assume is its trainer and himself thanks to… Read more →

Frubes: Off with their heads!

The makers of Frubes, one of Ireland’s best selling children’s yoghurt, have been criticized for being too politically correct after dropping a controversial advertising slogan. The Frubes ad featured the lines ‘Rip their heads off and suck their guts out.’ However, just six weeks after the ad were first launched onto our screens, the slogan has suddenly been changed to… Read more →

Gosh PR: Fired by Kentucky State

UK PR firm, Gosh PR, certainly didn’t wow Kentucky State officials when they were hired to promote Kentucky State to the British public! The PR firm made the ultimate faux pas by highlighting crass and offensive stereotypes about the U.S. South while trying to promote the state of Kentucky to English tourists. Promoting counting  roadkill was part of Gosh PR’s… Read more →

Jack Wills: Best Summer Job?

Jack Wills are most definitely embracing social media. They recently launched a pretty cool campaign in the UK and US; Best Summer Job in… Check out the UK video below which was launched online: Jack Wills have also used their latest catalogue to promote the competition. The brand is offering internships over the summer holidays to two students – ‘a… Read more →