Ubisoft Watch Dogs game PR stunt ends up with bomb squad being called in- Awkward!

(image courtesy of Ninemsn employees were evacuated from the Australia Square building in Sydney in May when journalist opened a suspicious package. A safe was accompanied by a note which said “check your voicemail” amid a raft of blacked-out lines. As the package couldn’t be opened and was said to be making a strange noise, Ninemsn immediately called in… Read more →

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Ryanair passengers call cops to get off plane

More than 100 travellers, including children, were stranded on a Ryanair flight called police from the tarmac after being left for hours without food or drink. Tired and hungry, they asked flight attendants for food and water but were refused. The ordeal saw police called by passengers to intervene. One passenger vlogged (check out the video below) the incident on her… Read more →

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Nippon Airways apologise for racist ad

(Photography credit to All Nippon Airways (ANA) was forced to apologise today for an advert which critics claim racially stereotyped Westerners as having big noses and blond hair. The ad sees two Japanese men discussing the view of the airline when one says: ‘Let’s change the image of Japanese people.’ ‘Sure,’ replies the other, who is now wearing a… Read more →

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Bikini Clad Barista Calls Customers Fat on Facebook- How to alienate your customers and destroy your business…

Meghan Calavan,owner of Sips Ahoy in Washington, U.S.A., a coffee shop which sees bikini clad baristas serve customers, has become embroiled in a bitter cyber bullying case involving a customer. Calavan has posted cruel jibes about a customers size on Sips Ahoy’s business page, which has angered local residents.   Jesseka Kathleen Cladek called the business a “run down whore… Read more →

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Coca Cola remove Gay marriage scene from Irish ad

Coca Cola have caused controversy by slightly tailoring their latest ad campaign ‘Reasons to Believe to each country in which it is shown. Why does this cause controversy? Well, in their Irish ad, Coca-Cola have omitted a scene of gay marriage which is airing in many other countries, saying that since gay marriage is not yet legal in Ireland, the… Read more →

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Louis Vuitton to remove giant suitcase in Moscow

A giant Louis Vuitton trunk has been erected as an “exhibition pavilion”, adorned with the French fashion house’s famed logo and is causing a storm in Moscow’s Red Square. The 30ft-high by 100ft-long suitcase was designed to house an exhibit about travellers who had used the brand’s luggage in the past, the proceeds from which were to go to the Naked Hearts children’s… Read more →

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Coca-Cola apologise after ‘You Retard’ found inside bottle cap

Coca-Cola have apologised to a family after daughter found ‘You Retard’ printed inside a bottle cap. Blake Loates, from Alberta, Canada, was shocked to turn over her bottle cap to read ‘You Retard’. ‘We immediately thought, you have got to be kidding me?’ she told the Huffington Post Alberta. ‘We thought it might been a disgruntled employee or someone in a… Read more →

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Flora “Uhh Dad, I’m gay” Ad

Some bad PR courtesy of an ad agency working on some creative with Flora branding. The above advertisement which compares coming out to being shot in the heart has launched online via South African Ad agency: Lowe + Partners Johannesburg. A Unilever spokesperson (Flora is part of the Unilever brand) told The Drum: “This advert was prepared by an external agency in… Read more →

Samsung celebrity tweets support for Galaxy S4 from his iPhone… Big Uh Oh!

  As a PR pro, if you are currently sponsoring any celebrity to tweet on behalf of your clients brand, then this is your WORST nightmare. Spanish tennis player David Ferrer sent a tweet out to more than 350,000 of his followers  telling them how great using Samsung’s new Galaxy S4 was, but accidentally sent the message from his iPhone.… Read more →