Lululemon: Bend over or no refund?

    Lululemon announced a product recall last week but to get your cash back on their black Luon yoga pants, store assistants required customers to perform a little test to ensure the pants were faulty. What was the fault I hear you ask? Well, in the case of these yoga pants, they were simply too sheer. Rather than simply… Read more →

Nokia: We made a boo boo!

So you may or may not have heard about Nokia’s recent scandal? I’ll admit, I hadn’t until my boss brought it up in conversation yesterday.. It’s an interesting one and probably one that many more companies are guilty of but in short, Nokia released a video following a press event on September 5th, which you can watch below. So what’s… Read more →

Ryanair: Why being rude works…

In the latest ploy to garner more media attention, Ryanair chief executive, Michael O’Leary, has called Suzy Mc Leod, who racked up 560,000 likes, for her Facebook posts about excessive charges, an idiot. Mc Leod was charged €300 by the airline for printing six boarding cards. While Ryanair do allow passengers to check in up to 14 days before their flights,… Read more →

Apple: In Hot Water?

An investigation into working conditions at the Chinese factories that make Apple’s iPhones and iPads has been criticized as a “PR stunt” by campaigners. An audit carried out by the Fair Labour Association (FLA) in response to a public outcry over workplace abuses found “serious and pressing” breaches of Chinese labour laws. Apple threw its weight behind the report and… Read more →

Vodafone: Uh Oh

So this picture went viral yesterday… PR nightmare for Vodafone as they confirm that they have suspended two staff following an abusive image uploaded on a social media site yesterday morning went viral. The image involved shows Vodafone staff discussing a customer at the counter, using vulgar and abusive language to describe her. A Vodafone spokesperson said an investigation is… Read more →

Thomson: Fail to tell passengers their flight was leaving 3 hours early

Travel company Thomson failed to inform passengers of changes made for the London to Goa flight which departed for India without a number of tourists on-board. Thomson have confirmed a number of passengers were not informed of the flight time change and have since apologized to those that missed the flight and promised an investigation into the error. The travel… Read more →

Dulux: Crisis as white paint turns yellow within weeks of new coat…

Paint company Dulux has been forced to pay out thousands of pounds in compensation after disgruntled DIY-ers claimed its ‘brilliant white’  pant faded to yellow. A number of customers complained that the company’s oil-based paint turned a creamy yellow colour a number of weeks after application. The good news is Dulux have held their hands up and admitted the problem,… Read more →

Chanel: Karl Lagerfeld sends Adele designer hand bags as apology for calling her fat…

So we all remember THOSE comments Karl Lagerfeld made about Adele in February of this year. It now seems Lagerfeld realises the power of Adele as in addition to a public apology the designer has also sent Adele a a range of the label’s coveted handbags. According to The Sun, ‘He told his team to send Adele the best the… Read more →

Chanel: Copycats?

Chanel have withdrawn range of accessories that look remarkably similar to those by New York jewellery star, Pamela Love. When the Daily Mail contacted both designers for comment, Love remained silent but amazingly a spokesman for Chanel responded: ‘Out of respect for the concerns raised and for the artistic process generally the House has decided not to offer these bracelets… Read more →

Nike: Apologise to Irish

Nike has apologised to the Irish people following their introduction of a drink-inspired St Patrick’s Day-themed runner, which reminded many  of the notorious Black and Tans. The shoe label has launched its new £70 ‘beer-themed’ trainer ‘The Black and Tan’ just in time for St Patrick’s Day on Saturday. An advertisement for the shoe says: ‘Tis the season for Irish… Read more →