Abercrombie&Fitch: Order Employees to do push ups…

Abercrombie & Fitch have a scandal on their hands. Claims have been made that the Milan store have some rather odd practices for punishing staff-  Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera has obtained internal emails from the Milan store that expose these punishments– namely, punishing employees with push-ups and squats.

The Daily Telegraph has translated portions of the original article, which highlights an email sent last April in which the head of the store’s Loss Prevention department wrote:

“Now every time we make a mistake […] we will do ten push-ups. Squats for women. This will bring about a great result: we will learn more from our mistakes.”

A spokesperson for the label said: ‘We have conducted an internal investigation into this matter, and it appears that the reference to push-ups and squats was a clearly misguided attempt at team-building by an isolated Loss Prevention manager in one of our Flagship stores. Nevertheless, shortly after the Loss Prevention manager’s supervisor learned of this incident, it was stopped. Upon investigation, we believe that the claims were greatly exaggerated and manufactured by a disgruntled employee. Needless to say, using push-ups or any physical activity for discipline is not A&F policy. It never has been, and it never will be.’

In 2012, it still amazes me to think that some companies think they can force employees to partake in physical activities as forms of punishment. Abercrombie & Fitch should have held their hands up and apologized. Blaming a ‘disgruntled employee’ and claiming physical activity for discipline is not part of their policy is a bit of a cop out when newspapers have obtained proof of the claims and only puts Abercrombie in further bad light.


Love Niamh x

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