Frubes: Off with their heads!

The makers of Frubes, one of Ireland’s best selling children’s yoghurt, have been criticized for being too politically correct after dropping a controversial advertising slogan.

The Frubes ad featured the lines ‘Rip their heads off and suck their guts out.’


However, just six weeks after the ad were first launched onto our screens, the slogan has suddenly been changed to ‘pull their tops off and eat them all up’.

The Advertising Standards Authority said it had received 20 complaints about the original slogan in January – before it was changed.
Spokesman for the Advertising Standards Authority, Matt Wilson, said the old slogan had not breached any of its codes and it had not contacted Yoplait to change the advert.

‘The change in the advert has not been prompted by us. We did receive 20 complaints about the Frubes advert but it was not formally investigated as there was no breach of the Authority’s code. One complaint from a mother said it was not a nice thing for her daughter to hear, not a nice thing to see ad inappropriate. We understand that some may find this advert distasteful which is the case as some complained. However, the authority felt it was in the context of animated characters and would not cause serious offence or distress or encourage children into cruel behaviour to other children.’

I thought Frubes had a great campaign and I personally loved the ‘Rip their heads off and suck their guts out’ line. I understand why they changed the line but in my opinion, the world is far too PC these days. I don’t think a yoghurt product is going to incite children to go out and rip their peers heads off…


Love Niamh x

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