The Pink Squad: One VERY clever PR campaign!


This PR campaign video below is a MUST WATCH for any PR pros out there. To create such a buzz with the public and media is no easy thing to do especially when the product is about as interesting as dog food. Let’s face it, we’ve all worked on brands which get the creative juices flowing and it certainly looks like Union Insurance in Slovakia’s PR company,, had their thinking caps on.


For those unable to watch the video:

The Brief: To launch Union Insurance as the tenth car insurance company on the market of mandatory car insurance.

The Challenge: Engage people and attract their attention towards the brand while being in a low involvement category in which the price of the product is the main differentiator.

The Execution: First part of the campaign, saw the creation of ‘The Pink Squad’, a secret society or movement against irresponsibility on the road. Using a series of elaborate stunts involving the general public, The Pink Squad, grabbed headlines across Slovakia.  Following the group’s introduction to the media, they were connected with Union Insurance via a number of clever ads.
The campaign was a complete success and saw the public get involved with ‘The Pink Squad’ posting their own short videos online of the squad in action. The campaign also saw the public’s involvement in selecting punishments for irresponsible road users. In all, the campaign generated 500k worth of media coverage.


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