Miinto: Trend it Like Beckham?

Not often enough do the Irish fashion industry produce their own research so I found it refreshing to find Miinto.ie’s most recent survey on the fashion industry conducted at the Ultimate Girl’s Day Out over the weekend, waiting in my inbox.

I’m a firm believer in the old adage ‘Fail to prepare…Prepare to fail’, and it look’s like Miinto most definitely have their eye on the ball and are preparing to succeed in the Irish market.

Miinto’s survey has proven what Irish women have known and feared for over the past decade that yes, the general Irish male public lack the ever sought after fashion sense that women love and crave. A weekend full of fashion savvy women, the survey focused on rating Irish men’s fashion sense, the effect of this on women’s perception of dating Irish men and who women really want their men to dress like.

Not surprisingly, the overall results illustrated that 59% of women surveyed rate the fashion sense of Irish men as average, 58% of women would not continue to date a poorly dressed man, 40% of women buy their other half’s clothing for them and 39% would love their men to dress like David Beckham.  The figures unfortunately do not lie. One woman surveyed, Ann-Marie Travers from Dublin quoted – “Irish guys generally give David Beckham a lot of stick when it comes to his metrosexual fashion sense but us ladies love it!” Gary Barlow followed closely in second place with 30% of the votes for his three-piece suits and more tailored dress sense. The overall consensus of surveyed women was the desperation for a more fashionable and fearless Irish male, that tracksuit bottoms, runners and hoodies are not an outfit to turn heads.

Sadly, not one woman voted the fashion sense of Irish men as ultra-fashionable and a large 37% voted their fashion sense as below average.  Less than shockingly only 1% of women voted for Enda Kenny as a male they would like their man to dress like, should fashion and style extend into the political heads of our country? After all you never get a second chance to make a first impression and I have to admit, Miinto.ie are definitley making a good one.

In conducting this survey at the Ultimate Girl’s Day Out show Miinto.ie interacted with 462 women in their target demographic (18-60 years old). That’s 462 Irish women that can now put a face to this new brand entering the fashion market. 462 women that have directly interacted with the brand and 462 women that are potential new customers.

Hats off to Miinto!

Love Niamh x

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