Great PR for Cadbury


I’ve come across a couple of letters such as the above on Facebook. It seems this is the new route companies are going down in order to garner PR as the letters, believed by the public to be real are spread virally by the public who find the posts amusing. However, in some cases, it is simply a member of the public’s having a bit of a laugh.

I don’t know if the above is a PR stunt but I’m guessing it is (also open to being corrected on this), following’s recent hoax.In the case of, the company actually built an entire campaign around their genuine hoax letter.  It’s interesting to see how effective the letters actually are, as they seem to send Facebook and Twitter alight.


  • I would think that would be clever advertising for the next generation. A lot of folks are still micro-blogging these sort of posts on Tumblr and Reddit. I guess it’s going to be a lot of fun for the next 50 years.

  • I agree, this is a very interesting trend. It’s amazing how much free publicity companies get from these controversial letters. I think companies should be careful when using hoax letters as a publicity stunt though. On one hand, it is an entertaining new trend that definitely grabs the public’s attention. On the other hand, the company could lose some of its credibility if people believe these letters to be real, and later find out that they’re not. The short-term publicity benefits need to be compared to the long-term effects of the stunt.

    Courtney Cox
    Platform Magazine Writer/Editor

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