Social Media 101: Kmart make rookie Twitter mistake

Kmart was obviously excited to reveal they would be opening even earlier than they have ever opened before on Thanksgiving and not only that, but would stay open through all of Black Friday. Their announcement received quite the backlash online with many customers complaining about the ethics of the decision.

Rule 101 of social media – At least try and pretend you are not a robot. ESPECIALLY if you are a large MNC!

 The Kmart social team responded with over 100 copy and paste statements.

Note to Kmart – Invest in a new social media team. Possibly one that understand the online world and when its acceptable to use copy and paste status’ which is NEVER!

On social media sites like Facebook and Twitter all conversations can be followed using the hashtag #. Any communication represents the overall brand, including punctuation and wording.

Kmart did not have to respond to every tweet. All they had to do was make a statement on their website and tweet the link. Responding to each tweet individually will only incite the anger as twitter feeds fill up with the same message repeated over and over. How annoying for any Kmart followers on Twitter!

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