Wet Seal give girl with Downs Syndrome her dream to star in new campaign

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I ADORE this story! I love when brands do something out of the ordinary and something which can change somebody’s life or give them an amazing experience.

Karrie Brown, a teenager with Downs Syndrome (17), from Collinsville, Illinois, realised her dream when she was picked to star in a new campaign for the girls’ fashion label, Wet Seal after a Facebook photo of her wearing items from the brand attracted public attention.
Wet Seal contacted the teen and invited her to its California headquarters for a photoshoot.

‘It was really fun,’ Karrie told Today.

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As well as VIP treatment Karrie was granted an in-store shopping spree, a styling session with experts and a trip to Disneyland.
Wet Seal’s CEO told Fox News that it was high school junior’s ‘enthusiasm and passion for fashion’ that caught the company’s attention.

Like I said, LOVE this!

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