Move over Facebook…

Pinterest is here! While Pinterest has been around for years, however, it was only in Dec 2011, Hitwise listed Pinterest as one of the Web’s Top 10 and Time listed it in its Top 5 social networks of 2011. At last count, the site had over 5 million users. Not bad!

For those unfamiliar with how Pinterest works it’s really very simple. On creating a profile and installing the Pin It button in their browser users can start “Pinning” images, and even videos, from around the Internet onto personalized virtual pinboards. These pinboards are shared or followed by other members of the social network as easily as pressing a Facebook Share button.

How will it drive traffic to my website?

Once you (or somebody else) pins a picture from your website or your blog, that picture should always cite the source.

As many people use pinterest as an online source of pretty pictures, your aim is to have your pictures ‘repinned’ into other people’s boards where they will be then seen by more and more people.  Some may use your images in their blog posts and they should always cite the source as the original.

Check out these examples:

Love Niamh x

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