Reddit Interviews: Ask Me Anything… Really???

When Woody Harrelson agreed to an interview on social news site Reddit hoping to plug his new movie, he had no idea what he was letting himself in for.

The 50-year-old actor found himself under fire on Friday after an Internet chat with fans via site Reddit went haywire and fans denounced Harrelson’s awkward, bland responses as “crap.”

The star has found himself the object of ridicule on the site after he attempted to treat the ’15 minute Ask Me Anything’ (AMA) session like any other sit-down interview focusing on his upcoming film Rampart, completely ignoring any questions which did not focus on his upcoming movie, which is not what ‘Ask Me Anything’ is all about.

The Reddit community quickly turned on Harrelson, mercilessly ridiculing him until the end of the session when he gave vague answers to any questions which did not revolve around his upcoming movie.

Harrelson began the session saying, ‘It’s happening – I’m answering questions for about 15 minutes. Bring on the questions on Rampart!’

Things quickly turned sour when one user asked if Harrelson remembered taking the virginity of his friend after their high school prom after party over 10 years ago. Harrelson responded with, ‘First of off, its not true, and second off, I don’t want to answer questions about that. Lets focus on the film people.’ Reddit users, who did not appreciate being told what they could ask questions on, reminded the star that the session was called ‘Ask me anything’ and not ‘Ask me anything about Rampart’.

They were further enraged as the actor took few questions, gave vague replies and continued to focus almost exclusively on his film. When asked if acting can take over his life, Harrelson simply replied: ‘I will tell you, it can really take over your life for a while.’

Users responded by asking ‘Who are you?’ and ‘Do you need an adult’ before suggesting that a PR agent was in fact answering the questions rather Harrelson himself. Many users promised to boycott the movie after the  AMA, which can only be described as nothing short of a disaster.

Interesting lesson to learn…

1)Know your fans

2)Play by their rules

Love Niamh x


  • Is ‘disaster’ not an over exaggeration in this case? In fairness to woody, I would say that he actually did answer the question by saying ‘first of [all?], its not true’ and given the question, its more of an answer than it deserved.

    I’d say the biggest problem here is that the session was entitled ask me anything and probably should’ve been a bit more realistic particularly as it was 15 mins long. Personally I think questions like that are completely inappropriate and could potentially be a legal mine field. I haven’t seen this on reddit, so maybe my comments are out of context but in the case of the question mentioned if people throw in nonsense questions, do they expect to be taken seriously?

  • Well, the whole point of the Reddit Ask Me Anything Feature is that users can ask celebrities literally anything – No holds barred! There are a whole host of celebrities whom have featured on it including Zach Braff and Bear Grylls.

    I think the problem here stems from the fact that a PR Professional booked the interview and a) didn’t brief Woody properly or b) took the interview themselves pretending to be Woody and did not do their own research into the Ask Me Anything Feature on Reddit…

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