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Ryanair passengers call cops to get off plane

More than 100 travellers, including children, were stranded on a Ryanair flight called police from the tarmac after being left for hours without food or drink. Tired and hungry, they asked flight attendants for food and water but were refused. The ordeal saw police called by passengers to intervene. One passenger vlogged (check out the video below) the incident on her… Read more →

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Japanese lingerie brand create true love bra

A Japanese lingerie brand,Ravijour, has created a bra that can only be removed when its wearer is experiencing ‘true love’. The bra works by monitoring heart rate increases specifically caused by hormone levels secreted by the adrenal medulla – the gland that releases adrenalin into the bloodstream. Apparently, the bra works by monitoring heart rate increases specifically caused by hormone… Read more →

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Nippon Airways apologise for racist ad

(Photography credit to All Nippon Airways (ANA) was forced to apologise today for an advert which critics claim racially stereotyped Westerners as having big noses and blond hair. The ad sees two Japanese men discussing the view of the airline when one says: ‘Let’s change the image of Japanese people.’ ‘Sure,’ replies the other, who is now wearing a… Read more →

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American Eagle ditch Photoshop in latest campaign

American Eagle have just launched a new campaign which is bucking the trend for digitally altered fashion images. For the new Aerie Real lingerie campaign, ‘We left everything,’ style and fit expert Jenny Altman told GMA. ‘We left beauty marks, we left tattoos, what you see is really what you get with our campaign.’ The brand hopes that its authentic representation of girls… Read more →

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Wet Seal give girl with Downs Syndrome her dream to star in new campaign

I ADORE this story! I love when brands do something out of the ordinary and something which can change somebody’s life or give them an amazing experience. Karrie Brown, a teenager with Downs Syndrome (17), from Collinsville, Illinois, realised her dream when she was picked to star in a new campaign for the girls’ fashion label, Wet Seal after a… Read more →