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Ellens Oscar Selfie Samsung Stunt

We’ve all seen it by now but what motivated Ellen to take the selfie that almost broke Twitter? According to The Wall Street Journal, Samsung spent an estimated $20 million on advertising, which included some product placement. When Ellen decided she wanted to take selfies during the show, Samsung executives were drafted in to train her how to use the… Read more →

Samsung celebrity tweets support for Galaxy S4 from his iPhone… Big Uh Oh!

  As a PR pro, if you are currently sponsoring any celebrity to tweet on behalf of your clients brand, then this is your WORST nightmare. Spanish tennis player David Ferrer sent a tweet out to more than 350,000 of his followers ┬átelling them how great using Samsung’s new Galaxy S4 was, but accidentally sent the message from his iPhone.… Read more →

Samsung: Peter the Elephant plays with Galaxy Note

Samsung has released a video of a loveable elephant called Peter playing with a Galaxy Note phone; which was launched last year. The stunt is supposed to emphasize that ‘bigger is better’. In the video, Peter is seen playing with a number of apps, and even takes a photograph of what we assume is its trainer and himself thanks to… Read more →