Introducing… RUAIRI KEOGH


Ruairi Keogh, Owner of The Keogh Partnership and a partner in the soon to be launched “Mods & Rockers”.  PR professional for 20 years +, collector of interesting people, devoted Dad and Spurs fanatic.

1)  Why did you choose a career in Advertising/Marketing/PR/Media?

I was an archaeologist but it’s a bit wet in Ireland to spend your life in pits and bog cut aways with a trowel and brush so it was advertising or PR and PR won out as I always wanted to run my own show and the costs of entry were low.

2)   How did you get into your chosen career?

Got sent home from the Ceide Fields in disgrace and got an internship in Slattery PR after doing a year in DIT, getting a post grad in PR.

3)   What has been the most creative advertising/marketing/ PR campaign you have seen/been involved with to date?

Lots of good stuff, was part of the think tank that came up with “Carlsberg Don’t Do” which has been a mainstay of the brand’s communication for a decade.  Also won a number of awards for clients including Dundrum Town Centre, Carlsberg, Boyle Sports and others.  Most fun was working the late Sebastian Horsley (artist, dandy and general reprobate) and managing to put him on the national airwaves without ending up in court or in prison!

4)    Tell LovePR? About your average day?

Quick run in the gym at around 7.45, yes really, it’s a new thing!  At desk at 9.15 having already checked the papers online via my trusty HTC One X.  Review of the coming day and day’s work, a quick chat with the most talented AE in the country (that’s Niamh Fitzsimons, anyone know her).  30 minutes on FB then seeing how my client’s online activities are progressing, then another 30 minutes with reactive tweets. FB updates etc.  2- 3 hours writing press releases, or notes/sell in’s to media. 2 hours in communication with clients on phone and e-mail.  Then whatever needs to be done including billing meetings with clients, media etc.  Leave the office at around 6.30 or 7.00 to get home.

5)    What has been the high point of your career to date?

Setting up The Keogh Partnership and working with brilliant people like Tom Brunkard, Niamh Fitzsimons, Paula Delaney and our other Bull’s-eye Partners.  Also greatly looking forward to getting Mods & Rocker’s out of the blocks and creating something very special in the social media and online space.

6)    Any advice for new graduates in your field?

Read More Irish Publications!  It’s lovely to read Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, your international mag of choice but you’ll rarely if ever try to sell them a story, know your Irish media and know who to sell a story to.  Also get “tuned in” online, PR people are/will be the most qualified to talk on behalf of a brand or company in the online space so if you’re not a net native at least become a naturalized net immigrant!

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