Introducing… IAN O’ KEEFFE


IAN  O’KEEFFE, PR Account Executive and editor of ‘’ – a style, lifestyle, music, tech and design website / blogosphere. I am an ex-mortgage advisor turned PR exec

1)      Why did you choose a career in Advertising/Marketing/PR/Media/Business?

I wouldn’t say ‘I’ chose a career in PR, PR kind of ‘chose’ me! I stuck with it because it is everything I could have asked for in a career, no day is the same, tech can be quite a large part of it, being able to design using Adobe Photoshop is seen as a bonus and getting creative is key! All the things which I loved doing in my daily life pre-PR! Opting to stick with a career that allows me to do everything I love was a no brainer…

2)      How did you get into your chosen career?

Admittedly I fell into it! I lost my job as a mortgage advisor, which I was ultimately unhappy in as it was. I decided to re-train in Graphic Design and received my Diploma. I applied for Graphic Design internships / jobs with no luck. It wasn’t until a friend put me forward for an internship in PR with a friend of theirs. I had my doubts whether it was for me or not but after my first week I was hooked.

3)      What has been the most creative advertising/marketing/ PR campaign you have seen/been involved with to date?

It’s still very early in the game, but I thoroughly enjoyed the Carphone Warehouse Christmas Cracker Record Attempt, which saw 460 people come down to Hanover Quay on a (very, very cold and wet) December afternoon to simultaneously pull Christmas crackers all in aid of Simon Community! The record was not broken, close but not broken, but we did succeed in raising €10,000 for the charity which was a great feeling.

4)      Tell LovePR? About your average day?

The only average day I would have would be at the weekend when I’m kicking back, catching up on work on, ‘trying’ to get to the gym and maybe having the odd drink to wind down after the working week! The rest of the time (mon-fri) can be a plethora of different tasks / duties, however my top priorities would be ensuring our clients Social Media is effective (Blogging, Facebook, Twitter etc), monitoring this on a daily basis, liaising with press, organizing contra deals, designing campaign artwork, and the odd event management. When I get home in the evenings I try to grab a minute to blog on and teach myself how to code to keep the site looking good.  My job tends to spill over into evenings and weekends so eating and working out are luxuries!

5)      What has been the high point of your career to date?

Definitely way to early to call…

6)      Any advice for new graduates entering the field?

I’m still in the advice-receiving portion of my career, myself. But for those who are dependant upon for online activities such as social media, remember scheduling is your friend! Facebook, Twitter apps and Blogging platforms offer really useful scheduling features! USE THEM! They will save you a lot of time and keep you looking ahead of the game when it comes to your social media content.

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