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Sarah Faulkner is the Marketing Manager for, which is a brand new online concept that was launched into the Irish marketplace in 2012. offers fashion boutiques in Ireland the opportunity to sell their products online with great ease and at a minimum cost. The business is essentially an Irish online fashion retail company and a selling platform for Irish boutiques.


1)     Why did you choose a career in Advertising/Marketing/PR/Media?

I love the fast-paced lifestyle, which comes hand-in-hand with marketing and PR. Everyday is different especially when you combine working within the online fashion industry.


2)     How did you get into your chosen career?

I finally found my love for marketing and PR after a number of years working in the fashion retail environment and studying finance and fashion in college. Beginning with an Undergraduate Degree in Finance from there, I branched out into the fashion retail environment where I gained vast industry knowledge from completing a PgD in Fashion Buying and Management in DIT, interning in the Brown Thomas Buying Office, interning in Elevate PR and working in fashion retail from a young age both in Ireland and the US. This all lead me towards the Marketing Manager role I have today in Since starting in the company, I have also attained a Diploma in Digital Marketing, which has enabled me to broaden my online knowledge. I truly believe that the best mix is experience and education.


3)     What has been the most creative advertising/marketing/ PR campaign you have seen/been involved with to date?

There have been many from a brand awareness aspect with TV campaigns, social media competitions, celebrity events etc. but I have some interesting campaigns coming up this year, which I am not revealing yet – so keep watch!


4)     Tell LovePR? About your average day?

The great thing about Marketing and PR is – there is no average day. I am either in the office creating online content, strategising and optimising our online traffic channels, creative writing, liaising with our fashion boutiques and international team, organising TV slots, generating press releases, creating and implementing marketing campaigns and purchasing incentives, producing and monitoring interesting social media content and competitions and event management when hosting events. A mixed bag that can spill over into the evenings when there are networking events on. You have to be able to adapt and love the PR/marketing lifestyle as it can vary so often and change quite quickly.

5)     What has been the high point of your career to date?

Although each new experience is a high point, at the moment it would definitely be getting the opportunity to work with the start-up company I am working with today. You will never gain as much experience as working with a start-up business as everything has to be built from the ground up. You get your hands dirty and work together to build a department from the foundations and that kind of experience cannot be learned.


6)     Any advice for new graduates in your field?

Take every opportunity that arises. If you don’t love it, move on. Find out what you really want to do and what your passion is. We generally work five days a week, eight hours per day, if you don’t love your job that is a lot of time spent unhappy.  Get out and meet people, make contacts and get involved with as many events/projects as you can, you would really be surprised where an opportunity can arise. Ask questions and listen carefully to the answer. Educate yourself in the industry – knowledge is power.

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