Dear Topshop…

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 9.38.49 am Topshop partnered with Pinterest for their latest Christmas campaign.

The retailer is challenging customers to submit their very own “inspirational Pinterest board” – Lovingly titled ‘Dear Topshop’.

Many companies struggle, when trying to tie building in-store and online presence which result in actual sales. I think Topshop have hit the nail on the head with this campaign. Tying in with Pinterest and allowing customers the opportunity to create their own wishlist for friends and family to see and purchase, while also promoting Topshop to a new audience.   I just wonder whether Topshop have implemented QR codes on in-store items allowing customers to pin while they shop which would be pretty cool but perhaps too costly.

Their website features a range of categories spanning ‘gifts that won’t break the bank’ to ‘a gift that will wow’, each and every product can be pinned, shared and shopped for online – with the most pinned items of the day, featuring on the Topshop homepage.

Katie Garlinghouse, Pinterest Head of Community Marketing said that:

“Pinterest is thrilled to be working with Topshop and bringing the holidays to life! By pinning inspirational boards, the community will be able to plan for Christmas and the holiday season, exchange ideas with others, and shop for their favourite styles in a really unique, collaborative way.”

Alongside the wonder of the digi-xmas extravaganza, oversized touch screens and products with a Pinterest call to actions have found their way into both the London and New York stores, whilst edgier versions of the ‘Are You Being Served’ attendants come equipped with iPads – guiding customers through the whole process.

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