Bikini Clad Barista Calls Customers Fat on Facebook- How to alienate your customers and destroy your business…

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Meghan Calavan,owner of Sips Ahoy in Washington, U.S.A., a coffee shop which sees bikini clad baristas serve customers, has become embroiled in a bitter cyber bullying case involving a customer. Calavan has posted cruel jibes about a customers size on Sips Ahoy’s business page, which has angered local residents.  

Jesseka Kathleen Cladek called the business a “run down whore house” on a wall post after she said the business was disrespectful to her.

The comments were then posted on the Sips Ahoy page (which has since been deleted), and the owner Meghan Calavan and her father, Kelly, posted a slew of nasty posts about Cladek’s weight.

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“She’s a huge fat b—- that no one would want to see in a bikini. She is just jealous of you beautiful fine lady’s!!. She looks like a fat pugsly Addams!!! (sic),” the father posted.

Meghan responded with numerous posts of her own.

 “She’s just jealous cause she’s fat and ugly and always will be. She’s gross lol look at her pictures. Her arms are the size of my thigh lollololol”

“She’s training to be a sumo wrestler”

“Your worthless save world hunger by shooting yourself 🙂 the rest of the world would like to eat also.”

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A Boycott Sips Ahoy page has been created and currently has over 5,000 likes.

Social Media Lesson #1 – Never EVER use a business page for personal use or to in anyway attract negative attention to your brand. It will never end well.  

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